LIDL Pick of The Week 20th May – 26th May 2021

LIDL Pick of The Week Fruit and Veg

Hello LIDL Shoppers! Do you know what’s offers in LIDL pick of week  20th May – 26th May 2021? always update LIDL deals (12 deals for your weekly meals) show to you. Make more easy to check offers this week in LIDL UK.

If you want to know or view LIDL pick of the week next week? Just check offers on below. Before the deal issue, usually we posted the LIDL pick of the week offers.

LIDL Offers

Watch the preview Pick of the week at LIDL 20/5/21 to 26/5/21 (to enlarge just click the image)

LIDL Pick of The Week 20th May - 26th May 2021 Next Week Preview



So, What’s the deals in LIDL Special Buys this week?

Deals fresh fuit, veg, meat and fish in LIDL this week?

  • Oaklands Limes
  • Medium Avocado
  • Oaklands Brown Onions
  • Oaklands Unwashed Baby Leaf Spinach
  • Sweet Potato
  • Deluxe Sweet Pointed Red Peppers
  • Birchwood British Chicken King Kebab
  • Brichwood British Chicken Breast Mini Fillets
  • Birchwood 4 British Beef Ribeye Steaks
  • Lighthouse Bay Coldwater Prawns



Check out LIDL pick of the week here


The availability of any commodity or product items depends the last stocks and local participation each location. Retailer can add or reduce the quotas and also the price. So, don’t miss to print off and looking at this week’s ALDI specialbuys above.


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