LIDL Offers this Thursday From 29th April 2021 LIDL Flavour of The Week Italian

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Hello LIDL Shoppers! Do you know what’s hot deals in LIDL Offers this Thursday 29th Apr 2021? LIDL offers Flavour of The Week Italian for you. More easy to check offers this week in LIDL UK just check

If you want to know or view LIDL Offers next Thursday, Just check offers on below. Before the deal issue, usually we posted the LIDL Offers Thursday next week.


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Watch the preview LIDL Flavour of The Week Italian special offers Thursday 29/4/21 (to enlarge just click the image).


LIDL Offers this Thursday From 29th April 2021 LIDL Flavour of The Week Italian


So, What’s the deals in LIDL Special Buys this week?

  • Italiamo Strolghino Salami
  • Italiamo Carpaccio with Parmigiano Reggiano & Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Italiamo Fresh Pasta
  • Italiamo Filled Gnocchi
  • Gnocchi with garlic butter greens.
  • Italiamo Mascarpone with Gorgonzola
  • Italiamo Mozzarella
  • Italiamo Regional Cheese
  • Italiamo Italian Buffalo Mozzarella
  • Italiamo Antipasti Mediterranei
  • Treasure map pizza tart.
  • Italiamo Pizza Dough & Tomato Sauce
  • Italian flag picnic loaf.
  • Italiamo Sun-Dried Tomatoes
  • Italiamo Bruschetta
  • Italiamo Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil
  • Italiamo Pitted Leccino Olives
  • Italiamo Artichoke Hearts in Sunflower Oil
  • Italiamo Pesto
  • Italiamo Spaghetti Tricolore
  • Italiamo Traditional Coffee Beans
  • Italiamo Espresso Magnifico Coffee Beans
  • Italiamo Calzone
  • Italiamo Mixed Seafood Selection
  • Italiamo Ice Cream
  • Italiamo Croccantini
  • Italiamo Savoiardi
  • Italiamo Cantuccini
  • Nero d’Avola Terre Siciliane
  • Pecorino Terre di Chieti
  • Prosecco Spumante Conegliano
  • Ginking
  • Italiamo Alcohol-Free Aperitivo
  • Italiamo Octopus Carpaccio
  • Italiamo 8-Month Matured Dry-Cured Ham
  • Italiamo Provolone Dolce with Oregano
  • Italiamo Coloured Farfalle
  • Italiamo 9 Bruschetta
  • Italiamo Focaccia Ripiena
  • Italiamo Parmigiana
  • Italiamo Fritto Misto Mixed Seafood in Batter
  • Italiamo Arancini di Riso Rice Balls
  • Italiamo Mussels or Clams in Tomato Sauce
  • Italiamo Tiramisu Ice Cream
  • Italiamo Lemonade


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The availability of any commodity or product items depends the last stocks and local participation each location. Retailer can add or reduce the quotas and also the price. So, don’t miss to print off and looking at this week’s LIDL specialbuys above.

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